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Why NaturallyContained?

Less than 6% of all plastic bag waste is recycled each year.

Hi, I'm Madison, the founder of NaturallyContained. Growing up on a soil farm where my family runs a second-generation soil manufacturing business, I have always loved soil for its rich ability to help the environment and individuals grow. 

Yet, amid the beautiful rows of soil that shaped my upbringing, I have never been able to shake my growing concern over the excessive amount of single-use plastic present across the industry. Not only is it used in the bagging of soil, but it also covers the soil piles, is wrapped around pallets, and is used for packaging the majority of gardening products.


With this constant tug on my conscience, last year, during my Masters program at the University of Washington, I dedicated my research to developing a plastic alternative. Since the beginning, my mission has remained to bring to market a packaging that gardeners and individuals like yourself can compost directly in your yard or compost bin, without the need for an industrial facility.


I firmly believe that every small step contributes to a greener, more sustainable world. With NaturallyContained, my aim is to redefine packaging standards by offering backyard compostable products and building a community for sustainability enthusiasts to connect, engage, and continually learn how to collectively reduce our impact.


Together we can build mountains of plants instead of plastics

- Madison Heisterman

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