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to the future of environmentally aligned packaging. Our coconut fiber containers are renewably sourced, responsibly manufactured, and fully backyard compostable - no special facility or processing necessary. We took the plastic out of gardening and replaced it with something to actually

add value to your gardening experience.

Coco fiber has many uses once

the packaging itself is no longer needed. 

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What to do with your Coco Fiber Container

Our coco fiber packages act not only as a compostable replacement for plastic packaging, but also as pot liners, organic soil additive, and planting pots.


To Compost: Simply take your finished coco fiber package into your backyard, tear it up as best you can with your hands (Tip: use some garden shears to make the first cuts if you're having trouble) and scatter about in soil patches. Its best to mix it into the soil as you scatter - coco fiber will fully break down in the natural environment over time, but depending on your environmental conditions, this process may take up to a couple years. Don't worry though! During the breakdown process, coco fiber actually enhances the quality of your soil by adding nutrients and regulating moisture.

As a growing pot OR pot liner: No need to buy anymore flimsy plastic pot liners! Our coco fiber packages are designed to replace standard size pot liners to both further the lifecycle of our product as well as remove one more plastic product from the equation. Simply place our coco fiber package, dirt and all, in your pot and plant whatever your heart desires! As an added benefit, our packages help manage moisture better than plastic pot liners, leading to happier, healthier plants and fewer flooded windowsills.

*Don't have the space or desire to tear up the packaging or use it as pot?

No worries - simply discard your coco fiber packaging in your home compost bin!

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